How To Write Your Book In 2018!

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Reflect on 2017

Ask these four questions to help you in 2018:

1) Did you accomplish your writing goals/plans for 2017?

2) What worked last year?

3) What did not work last year?

4) What do you want to do different or better in 2018?

Plan your writing!

Download (see below) and utilize The Write Coach Writing Planner to help you with your 2018 writing goals and plans. Books are not written on hopes and wishes.

We write when we set priorities and permit ourselves to block out time to write. If writing is not your full-time job, then setting aside time each week is imperative. I know I am disappointed with myself for the lack of progress on my novel. I am going to let all the guilt go now, and move forward. Do you want to join me?

How To Write Your Book In 2018! Tip from #TheWriteCoach ~ Download The Write Coach Writing Planner!

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Three Tips For Productive Writing Time:

Watch the video for full explanation of each tip. 

1) Work in 15 to 30-minute intervals.

2) Plan your writing time activities - outline/writing plan, research, work on a specific chapter/topic, edit the previous days writing, or edit the entire chapter.

3) Write 10 - 15 minutes minimum daily - Join me for the January Challenge! 

Do this for at least 30 days. Go for longer if you would like. 

I am going to do this too. My schedule and life has been so wonky the past six months I need to reset my writing routine. 

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Joyce Glass, The Write Coach, helps writers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners use the power of story to connect with clients. People may not remember what you say, but they will remember your story. Joyce takes her clients through the book writing process from the idea of a writing a book to the finished manuscript. Many people become overwhelmed at the thought of writing a book or in the process.  Joyce loves to help her clients break it down into manageable steps. Some people start multiple books, and never finish. Joyce helps you reach the finish line.

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