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Many writers and entrepreneurs struggle to share their story with the world. 

I give them a system to bring
clarity to their message,
and create a plan to complete their book. 

Which one is right for you? 

Private Coaching

I offer two ways to work with me. I advise you to start with a complimentary Best Book Ever Session. Learn the Four-Steps To The Best Book Ever! You may or may not be ready for private coaching. If you are, great we will start right away!

If you are not, then I highly recommend joining The Write Academy. Join a community of writers learning the craft and business of writing. This will give you an opportunity to work on your project, and you can come back to work with me privately at any time. 

Learn more details about the Best Book Ever Session by clicking on the button below. This will help you clarify your vision, and give you a path to complete your book. 

Do you need someone to edit your book?  Then sign up for a Best Book Ever Session, and we can discuss where you are with your project. ​Please click on the button below to schedule your session. 

The Write Academy

I am the co-founder of The Write Academy with my business partners Colleen Wietmarschen and Peter Wietmarschen - mother and son team.  The Write Academy is a monthly subscription program for writers to learn the craft and business of writing all in one place. 

Each month your receive two trainings via video, interviews with an expert, a private facebook community, and time with your writing guides (The Write Academy Team) on a Q & A call!

We open our doors next in October 2017. We created a Create Your Writing Plan, a four-week email series to jumpstart your writing while you wait for the next session to begin! 

Learn more at​

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