Why Do You Need To Write A Book?

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A Book Is More Than A Book

What are some of your favorite books to help you grow your business? 

To grow your business, you need to think short term and long term. Like a home or any building structure, your business needs a good foundation. A solid foundation supports a stable structure during high winds and storm, keeps the rain out, and the warm or cool air inside. Does your business have a firm foundation?

If you are a writer, you are in business. If you are a coach, speaker, or consultant, you have a business. If you are an entrepreneur of any form, you have a business. 

In case you were thinking this post is not for you, if you have a business it is for you. If you want to write a book, it is for you! 

Kent Julian is a speaker and writer who uses the power of books to grow his business. He speaks all over the country with hundreds of organizations, entrepreneurs, and speakers focusing on the areas of personal development and leadership, performance and productivity, and business development. 

After attending Kent's conference Write it Forward in 2012, I learned the importance a book can have on your business. He has self-published and traditionally published, and shared the pros and cons of each path. I decided to self-publish my books after he shared his insights into the publishing world. 

Why Do You Need To Write A Book? A Book Is More Than A Book! Tips From #TheWriteCoach

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Grow Your Business

By thinking strategically how to build and grow your business, you can create multiple ways to bring in income with the same information. 

What are the most productive income producing activities you do daily or weekly to grow your business? 

  1. Networking- Online and Offline. 
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Speaking to small groups, civic clubs and at events
  4. Sponsor a table at events 
  5. Social Media
  6. Follow Up with Clients/Customers

10 Ways A Book Can Grow Your Business

Have you ever considered the ways writing a book could help you grow your business? The rewards are not as immediate as other ways to grow your business. However, creating a long-range plan will build a stronger business in the long run instead of always looking for short-term gains. 

A book helps you create a system to keep your pipeline full of speaking engagements, and new clients or customers. 

A book...

  1. Opens up doors to speak to hundreds instead of one on one.
  2. Create professional talks from the content.
  3. Gives people a chance to connect with you
  4. Establishes you as an expert in your field. 
  5. Gives you a reason to be a guest on a podcast, radio show, guest blog, and even TV shows. Reach more people. You touch their audience, and they can become your audience.
  6. Helps you gain new clients by selling your book when you speak.  
  7. Creates a new product, or promotes a current product.
  8. Helps you create multiple blog post for your site or as a guest post. 
  9. Create valuable free content to grow your email list. 
  10. Create great memes with your quotes on social media. 

A book is more than a book. You can create income for your business many ways with a book. Take time to think about how you can leverage a book to grow your business. Pick two or three ways to grow your business with a book!

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About the Author

Joyce Glass, The Write Coach, helps writers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners use the power of story to connect with clients. People may not remember what you say, but they will remember your story. Joyce takes her clients through the book writing process from the idea of a writing a book to the finished manuscript. Many people become overwhelmed at the thought of writing a book or in the process.  Joyce loves to help her clients break it down into manageable steps. Some people start multiple books, and never finish. Joyce helps you reach the finish line.