Are you ready to write your book?
Are you writing a book for the first time?

Are you overwhelmed with the process?

Many people want to write a book for years.
They have great ideas floating around their heads.
Sometimes they put them on paper or in the computer,
but then Mrs. Doubt and Mr. Fear come for a visit.

The dream is put on hold until they feel the muse. 
They wait until they have more experience, or someone 
ask them when they are going to write a book. 

What are you waiting for????

What is the NEXT STEP? 

  1. Click on the link above or below to Schedule BEST BOOK EVER Session to learn the Four-Steps for writing a book.
  2. Choose a time from the schedule. If you cannot find a time, please email me at I will work with you to schedule a time to meet.  
  3. Call me at the scheduled time. You will be given my number when you schedule our time together. 

Through this conversation you will gain clarity and
vision on how to complete your book.
I look forward to hearing about your writing project.

Happy Writing!!

What you will gain from a Best Book Ever Session?

Create Clear Vision


If you have a great idea, we can clarify your vision for the book. If you are not completely sure what direction you want to go with your book, we will discuss your options to find the best fit for you. 

Uncover Hidden Challenges Which May Sabotage Your Book

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy by impeding our own progress. Follow the simple steps to begin writing in a clear and concise manner. 

In This Session You Will  Create A Clear Plan On
How To Complete Your Book.  

Within an hour you have the steps provided for you to accomplish the dream you have had for years. It is time to take action!

[A $250 Value]

Joyce Glass Writing Coach

Joyce Glass ~ The Write Coach 

My coaching approach is all about you!  I help you break down a big project into manageable pieces to work with your schedule. 

Don't Let FEAR Stop You One More Day!

This session is about YOU! How can I help YOU bring
YOUR dream of writing a book into reality. 

I help writers, speakers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and
medical specialist through the entire process of writing and editing a book. ‚Äč

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