My Story

Hi! I'm Joyce Glass, 

The Write Coach.
I write, speak, coach and share my chocolates on occasion!

Joyce Glass, Writing Coach

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After taking four years to write my first book, and feeling overwhelmed along the way. I decided there had to be a better way. I created the WRITER System to streamline my writing.

This incredible system helps me write blog posts, and professional talks as well as my books. I have written two devotionals, and I am working on my first novel. My favorite thing to do is walk my clients through the process.

My passion for writing started with
my love for reading and teaching!
I love helping others achieve their best!

I love to read and work through Bible Studies, and after a long season of searching, God clearly spoke to me; He wanted me to write, teach, and speak. This career path opened an entirely new world for me. I love meeting many fabulous people along my journey.

I learned many great tips and tools to use when I was writing my first two books and helping others along the way. With my desire to teach, I started working with clients one-on-one to help them bring their books to life !

Many writers and entrepreneurs struggle to share their story distinctly. The Write Coach site was created to help bring you tips each week to improve your writing, bring clarity to your message, create your masterpiece, and encourage you to complete your book!

My Journey

My journey is similar to Goldilocks when she came upon the three bears home. This job is too much; this job is too easy, but Oh! This job is just RIGHT!! Some people know at 12 years old what they want to do. However, I have always liked doing many different things it was hard to choose.

I was an interior designer for nine years, which gave me a good eye for color and balance in a room and on a page. I loved helping clients create a beautiful room. However, when the economy took a downturn, people were not concerned about how to decorate. During this time, I was introduced to New York Life Insurance Company and was an insurance agent for about two years. I learned many great things about insurance and financial planning, but it was not my strong point or my passion.

My favorite thing was to talk with people and find ways to help them!

Six years ago, I knew my calling was to write and speak. It has been a long journey to this point. Like all of us, I still need to pay the bills. I worked for an excellent optometrist for four years while I worked on my first book and began blogging. At this time, I used my business skills to help him organize and grow his business.

Where are you on your writing journey??

My Family

Joyce Glass Writing Coach

Family has always been an important part of my life. I am blessed to be married to Kerry for 26 years. We have an amazing son Bryant!  He started college fall of 2016, and mom and dad are making many adjustments without him. We recently moved to Asheville, NC after raising our baby in Albany, Ga. This year has definitely been a big one for us, and it is not over.  We are waiting for our home to sell. 

We have two fur babies. Maggie, pictured above and Katie below. Maggie is the sweetest dog ever! I love my little dog! Katie is my son's dog. She is sweet, but just a big girl!

Family of Joyce Glass

I am so glad you have stopped

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You are on the most exciting journey as a writer!

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